The Cambridge Creative Network exists to bring together many of the creative individuals and groups that work within the Cambridge area to promote their businesses through networking and advertising to the general public.

Created by two professional artists who both have considerable business and marketing experience, the Cambridge Creative Network can also provide support and advice for creative businesses in a tough economic climate. Networking is proving to be an invaluable tool, both online and face to face and the Cambridge Creative Network will be well advertised in the local press ensuring it's members high visiblilty, as well as hosting regular events and exhibitions in conjunction with various groups and organisations across the city.


Karen Jinks - Freelance Artist and Designer

Since completing a degree in Graphic Design in the early 90's I have been working as a freelance designer and selling online since 2000 through my own shop and website. More recently I set up UK Handmade, an online magazine and community of over 5000 designer / makers across the UK. I also provide web development and marketing services for small businesses. My experience in online networking made me realise we could be doing the same in our own local areas and connect with people who live nearby, supporting local businesses and maybe making a friend or two along the way.


Mandy Knapp - Printmaker

I was born in north London 1968. After A levels, I did a Foundation Art Course at Hounslow Borough College, where I met my husband. After foundation, we decided not to pursue further art education, and got 'proper' jobs that paid the rent, so we could be together.

It wasn't until after we had our first daughter that I got back in to the art scene properly.  Joining a local printmaking class in Richmond Upon Thames was pivotal. Since that first class, I have had a passion for print.

I was lucky in having a variety of fantastic tutors, each with their own take on techniques and skills, which enriched my practice greatly. Also having some truly inspiring artists around me in those classes was a privilege. Some of them invited me to submit my portfolio for an artists group. I applied and was accepted by the Richmond Printmakers, and we exhibited throughout the year at different venues. Not only was I making work that I loved, the public wanted to buy it! I went on to sell some work at a local gallery in Teddington, Middlesex, The Mackenzie Gallery, who still represent me.
Now we are living in Cambridge, I am thrilled to be finding so many creative people here too. I find that I work better when I have people to bounce ideas around with, hence wanting to set up the Cambridge Creative Network.


Welcome to the Cambridge Creative Network where we invite creative professionals to promote their work through our gallery, find events and opportunities and network with other like-minded people in Cambridge. Want to join us? Apply here...

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