No 1. Red Berries Series 2016

Original mixed media. Giclee print.

No 1. Red Berries Series 2016. Limited edition giclee print.

Group of cones

Paper sculptures

Invisibility Cloak

Self-initiated editorial illustration based on a short online article about continued development in the field of 'invisibility' technology means that such technology could be applied to fabric to create a real life 'invisibility cloak'!

Meadow Dance

Meadow Dance - oil on canvas

Meadow Dance is inspired by the wild flowers growing in the summer meadows and capturing the movement of the breeze through the long grasses

Gulls over Essouira

Gulls over Essouira

Fused Glass Dish

Green glass dish with multicoloured patchwork fused glass

Green opaque glass with a selection of multicoloured decorated shapes layered on and fused in. An excellent counter dish - 22cm wide and 2.5cm deep - the fabulous pattern is an incentive to keep it empty.

The Chase

Susan Abbs - The Chase

Mixed media on canvas     40"x30"

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