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My Father has a first class Fine Art degree so I have been brought up in a creative atmosphere! As a 16 year old I have a final piece for an Art Exam selected to be exhibited in The Mall Gallery young artists show. This was a real honour... Being unwell for the remaining of my teen years and into my early 20's I stopped any kind of drawing or painting I had been doing. When I did finally take it up again around 3 years ago it was as a hobby and I dipped in and out of it, drawing mainly portraits of children within the family. Since getting married in July and becoming a Christian I have found, (not sure where from)a real urge in the past year to take up my Artwork again. This time was very different as I had more inspiration, more challenges and a new desire to push myself outside of my comfort zone creating work that was fairly 'safe' and with limited meaning and expression. So now I am totally engrossed in Abstract work, relaying my thoughts, feelings and surroundings through Paint. I find I am very critical of myself and to this day, have only really like one or two of the pieces I have done! My Artwork is becoming a great way to work on my need for perfectionism!

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