Call for Artists - A Pint of Science

pint of science

Cambridge Creative Network are thrilled to be the chosen artists group to partner with the 2015 Pint of Science festival.

Would you like to be involved? Then read on...

A Pint of Science literally does what its says on the tin, scientists from all kinds of specialisms deliver presentations about their research in a very laid back venue, the pub!

We are partnering for the 2015 festival by matching up artists working with a variety of skills and genres with the scientists and speakers, allowing artists to respond creatively to a specialism that interests them. 

The works created will be on display whilst the speaker delivers their research in the week of 18th May, and will be exhibited in a final show May 21st. In the final exhibition, physical works can be auctioned and other works can be promoted.

The Pint of Science team have a fantastic band of volunteers who are there to support the artists, giving them information about the specialisms to enable them to make their work.

You can see the artists who have joined so far here

Interested? Email Karen for more information.

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