Christmas window at the Folk Museum

Mandy Knapp and Karen Jinks have been getting festive at the Cambridge & County Folk Museum.

Armed with garlands and baubles, we have given the window at the Folk Museum a traditional festive feel and filled it with fabulous gift ideas. The assortment within the shop reflects the museum collection, so you really feel you can take a little bit of the experience home with you.


Pop along yourself to gaze in the window, our photos dont give it justice. We hope LoveCambridge agree its looking good, as we've entered their independent window dressing competition. Results to be announced next week, so fingers crossed!


In addition to stocking work by local artist such as Mummybird PrettiesMPJ Artglass and Hairy Growler the museum shop also sell items by individual brands such as Lovely PigeonChase and Wonder and Glover and Smith.

Cambridge and County Folk Museum
2/3 Castle Street


Telephone: 01223 355159

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