e-Luminate Cambridge Festival 12-17 Feb 2016

The e-Luminate Cambridge Festival is a modern arts festival for a city at the forefront of technology and research.


During six exceptional evenings, the e-Luminate Cambridge Festival will completely transform the city, creating ephemeral light art installations that will offer the public a unique and spectacular experience.

In 2012, co-Founders Alessandra Caggiano and Hugh Parnell came up with the idea of a light festival with a twist – Cambridge is known as a centre of technology and innovation, as well as having a thriving and vibrant arts community, so using light as a bridge to connect the two disciplines, the festival engages the whole community and allows everyone to see their city in a completely new and inspiring way.

Now in its fourth year the festival is bigger and better than ever, growing from just 6 installations in the first year to 14 in 2016, and offers a unique opportunity for residents and visitors to discover, or re-discover, the richness and diversity of Cambridge’s iconic buildings and public spaces through a range of light art installations, family activities, talks and concerts.

Many of the installations have been created to showcase innovations from companies such as Philips, Pulsar and TTP. For the third year running, light artist Susie Olczac has collaborated with Pulsar to create a low energy interactive light installation on the fa├žade of Senate House.

Architectural lighting specialist Mike Moreton will light up the University Library with a state of the art LED lighting system from Philips. Projection specialists Visual Poke has collaborated with 3D artist ZeroKB to produce a bespoke piece that will highlight the unique properties of TTP’s new Mirage glass.

Litre of Light

Some of the talks and workshops provide an insight into some of the technology and innovation that is happening in both home-grown and national businesses, with a view to improving energy efficiency and changing the way we think about our environment. One such project is Litre of Light, a workshop that shows you how to turn a 2 litre plastic bottle into a solar bulb and how this innovation is being used to bring light to communities across the world that do not have access to electricity.

You can also create your own hologram, see how light affects the taste of wine, learn how to paint with light, watch a performance where lights are turned on by the dancer’s heart beat and much, much more.

The festival starts on the 12th February with a launch concert at Great St Mary’s Church, featuring the Dowsing Sound Collective and the first ever arts and crafts night market in Market Square. Be entertained by a virtual game based on the 70’s classic ‘Pong’ which will be projected on to one of the Market Square buildings, as well as a light show on the Guildhall itself.

Become part of an installation yourself by joining one of the Trail of Light events – take a magical journey through the colleges with your own light wand and get treated to mini concerts in the chapels along the way.

Enter the photography competition and win amazing prizes from Jessops, Shutter Hub and photographer Matt Widgery. You can also join the LightQuest and get a chance to win prizes from local businesses.

This is a family friendly festival and we encourage people of all ages to come and see the delights e-Luminate has to offer across the whole week. To see the whole programme and book tickets for the various events please visit http://www.e-luminatefestivals.co.uk/

The festival could not have happened without the support of the many sponsors and volunteers that have all contributed their time, skills and money to make e-Luminate the vibrant and exciting event it has become and hope to continue to stay independently run and grow from strength to strength over the coming years. If you wish to support e-Luminate please go to http://www.e-luminatefestivals.co.uk/ to find out more.

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