Harry Gray's Bill Tutte Memorial, Newmarket


Bill Tutte memorial

Wednesday 10th September saw the official unveiling of the Bill Tutte memorial, the culmination of two years work by Cambridge sculptor, Harry Gray.

Harry designed the memorial to incorporate cryptic and subtle references to Bill Tutte, who cracked the German Lorenz code at the height of the Second World War. Bill was able to work out by intelect and intuition alone, how the Lorenz machine was constructed, without even seeing it. The Allies could then gain vital information that was being passed between Hitler and his officers.

Harry viewing his creation.

The steel panels in Harry's sculpture are pierced to represent the punched paper tape used in the transmission of the Lorenz messages. Viewed from one particular direction Tutte's image appears in the pattern of holes in the steel.

Visit the memorial in central Newmarket, on Rutland Hill.


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