Open Studios: Amanda Macphail

With Open Studios fast approaching we are delighted to bring you a series of interviews of some of the participating artists. This week we meet Amanda Macphail who runs Create a Plate from her studio in Cottenham.

You work is very colourful, what has influenced this?

I lived in Mexico for 6 months when I was in my early 20's and have visited since.  I think that has had a huge influence as their use of colour is just wonderful.  Also my husband, Wesley West, adores colour - and is much braver with it than I am.

What was it about ceramics that attracted you?

To be honest I am more interested in the image.  I'm an illustrator so I use the bone china as a surface.  Having said that I love the whiteness and fineness of the china and that the drawings and images look so graphic and clean.  Also that the work I produce can be used - it's fun.

How many times have you participated in Open Studios?

This will be my 5th year

What can visitors expect to see?

At Open Studios I welcome people to the house and give a demonstration of the way I work and show various examples.  Often there are people at the table in our kitchen decorating mugs or plates.  I have tables set out in a big sitting room with examples of work. Some of it old favourites and some new work made especially for Open Studios.  I very much like people to take a look around and ask as many questions as they wish.  I also show them my studio with kiln and stock.  It's a very lively house filled with all sorts of art/nonsense which causes a lot of interest and amusement.  It's always a fun time for us meeting new and interested people and hopefully - and it does seem - visitors enjoy coming here too.

Will they be able to see your working space and learn about the processes you use?

Very much so.  My studio is part of my house and I give demonstrations and try to explain my process of working.
Do you have any other exhibitions coming up?

I am part of a show in Ely on the 2nd of June.  It's the Etheldreda Fair in Ely.  It's going to be huge, so should be fun.

Please give us details of your classes.

I run classes here at home - all the information for that is on my website.  I am taking a class at Haddenham Gallery on the 25th July.  Again details for that are on my website.  I also go to clubs, The Brownies are making Father's day mugs and have just done a workshop with the Early Dimentia group in Cambridge.

Visit Amanda's Studio for the 4 weekends in July, more details are here

Create A Plate

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