Open Studios: Kye Sook Park

Kye Sook Park is a South Korean Artist who paints beautiful, ethereal paintings in indian ink on rice paper...

Where did you train?

In Korea BA for fine art and MA for fine art education but I have done many kind of art - oil painting, water colour , life drawing , print making, silk screen.
What is your preferred medium?

Korean painting (India ink and water colour on rice paper).

Please explain what inspires your work?

My work mainly expresses the moving world of human life using rapid sketching for capturing those precious feelings at that moment. And the visual languages have inner connotation. In my paintings, the essence and philosophy of India ink are expressed as well as varieties of pencils and brushes to represent positive and negative.

Describe your workspace

Everywhere (all of the world).


What do you do if you have a creative slump?

Never because I have got a lot of ideas and I am always trying to learn new things.
Your works are very tranquil and calm, do you find your practice therapeutic?

My works are very high level so they are very calm and comfortable.

Which artists do you admire, and do any have an influence on the way you work?

Jagsugup (Korean) and Picasso
Do you give classes in painting with indian ink?

Yes, please email me for details.

You can visit Kye Sook's delicate work on week 1 of Cambridge Open Studios at The Visitor Centre, Milton Country Park, Milton,

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