Pint of Science Collaboration - Garance Monfort and Hannah Rowland

Creative Reactions is an art-related event organised by Cambridge Creative Network and the Cambridge Pint of Science team, that is going to be the grand-closure of Pint of Science 2015 in Cambridge on 21st May. In the build up to Pint of Science, 55 local artists are creating artwork in response to the talks and often in collaboration with the scientist they have been paired with. Today we hear from Garance Monfort who was paired with Hannah Rowland...

Garance Monfort Ida and Joe

Being a part of Creative Reactions for the Pint of Science festival has been a great experience. I've been having a lot of fun with the subject 'How not to get eaten' from scientist Hannah Rowland's studies of animal behaviour in self-defense.


Garance Monfort Playing DeadI have responded to the challenge by creating fun and original pictures such as my latest piece, 'Ida & Joe', where I have illustrated a Lyra bird and a Chainsaw having trouble communicating. It says a lot about the Lyra bird's ability to imitate every sound in her surrounding area, such as chainsaw and cameras, but also the difficulties between men and women to communicateI have also been trying a new technique - these new pieces are phosphorescent etchings which will glow in the dark. 

I'm very excited about the outcome of this collaboration with Cambridge Creative Network and the Scientists involved in the Festival. The final exhibition showing all the artists work should be very interesting and I'm looking forward to it!

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