Pint of Science Collaboration - Mandy Knapp and Paolo Bombelli

When Karen and I were asked to get involved with this years Pint of Science project, I never dreamed that I would get to visit a wetlab on the Downing site, and help to carry out an experiment with my family. (Note, with my family, not on them!)

The very generous Paolo Bombelli not only invited me to a talk at the Botanic Gardens showcasing his new P2P (Plant to Power) project, but also to his lab where my children and I spent a happy morning setting up an experiment measuring the generation of electrical power from plants.

In my own creative practice as a printmaker, I enjoy creating texture, colour, design and form, so the time spent with Paolo was very inspirational in formulating works in response to his specialism. The route I decided to take was to create an organic clock shape, based on a cuckoo clock design, with a textural plant like surface pattern. The idea that enough electrical power from plants can be generated to power a small electrical device is just genius, and I wanted to celebrate this concept. The ideas of the experiment being measured over time, the use of moss & plant matter in an experimental way all came to realisation in my final piece.

So do come to the talk on Tuesday 19th May at the Brewhouse, if tickets are still available. Otherwise the artwork will be on display at our grand finale, at St Barnabas church, Mill Road, Cambridge on Friday 21st May. My work and others will be for sale, with a percentage of proceeds going to the Arthur Rank hospice.

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