Pint of Science Collaboration - Tony White and Prof. Duncan Maskell and Dr Alison Mather

Creative Reactions is an art-related event organised by Cambridge Creative Network  and the Cambridge Pint of Science team, that is going to be the grand-closure of Pint of Science 2015 in Cambridge on 21st May at St Barnabas Church in Mill Road from 1pm. In the build up to Pint of Science, 55 local artists are creating artwork in response to the talks and often in collaboration with the scientist they have been paired with. One such collaboration is between artist Tony White and Prof. Duncan Maskell and Dr Alison Mather. Here, Tony tells us of his experience and the resulting artworks...


Tony White

"Slide-I : Bugs and Drugs" has been produced as my creative reaction to the Pint of Science talk by Prof Duncan Maskell and Dr Alison Mather,  "Antibiotic Resistance of the Rise", which will be at the Panton Arms on Monday 18th May. It is also the start of what I hope will be a series of "Slides''. I have been intending for some time to produce a large version of a Victorian microscope slide, having a background in microbiology and being fascinated by the classic design of the labels used in the late 1800's, and to add various diverse images as the 'specimens' on the slide. When I heard that I was teamed up for Pint of Science with Duncan Maskell and of his research in antibiotic discovery, a field in which I was once active, it spurred me on to produce a slide and add an image related to antibiotic resistance and the need for new antibiotics. 

The slide is a linocut with decoration and colours based on a victorian label design, with the 'specimen' area showing a stylised petri dish culture plate streaked with a bacterial culture and a zone of inhibition of the bacteria surrounding an antibiotic-containing disc in the centre (a routine laboratory way of testing bacteria for susceptibility to a particular antibiotic). Within the zone of inhibition is one surviving 'resistant' bacterial colony, illustrating the selection of a resistance mutant with the potential to lead to a drug-resistant strain. 

To see this an the other works please come to the Creative Reactions event, St Barnabas Church, Mill Road, 21st May from 1pm

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