Shop Makeover at the Art Salon

Karen Jinks and Mandy Knapp of Cambridge Creative Network have been very busy girls, addressing the retail space at the Art Salon in Cromwell Road, Cambridge.

Utilising their extensive retail experience and eye for design, they pulled the shop apart and put it back together!

The shop area had lost its identity, and was not working to draw the customer in to view the stock. These are some of the "rules" used to improve the space.

  • All the things in the shop should be for sale, and not for decoration.
  • The space should be freshly decorated and clean
  • Display cases should be considered for ease of cleaning as well as how well the stock can be viewed.
  • All the stock should be given space to be seen, and placed next to other stock to enhance it and tell a story.
  • The customer should not feel confined and the space needs to be easily navigated.
  • Pricing and labelling to be clear and consistent.

These are just the basics, but you get the idea. It may not be a department store, but the same rules apply. Go see the results for yourself!

29 Cromwell Road

Karen and Mandy are happy to provide quotations for revamping retail and gallery spaces, including pricing advice. Watch this space for news of their next exciting retail project, the Folk Museum in Cambridge.

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