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Your work, news stories and events will be regularly featured on the front page and the whole network will be advertised throughout Cambridge and surrounding areas ensuring your work reaches a wide audience.

Regular social events are held around Cambridge where you can meet up with other creative people to make business contacts and friends! We are also looking into holding exhibitions and shows in collaboration with various groups, providing support and marketing solutions.

How To Apply

The Cambridge Creative Network is a juried website and will accept applications from  individuals, groups and businesses from all areas of creative industries. Art, photography, graphic design, web design, illustration, film, theatre, fashion, writing and more.

We are a family friendly site and are looking for high quality submissions, so all applications are assessed by our selection team for approval. Please read our terms and conditions before applying then fill out the application form here. If accepted you will be sent a paypal invoice and your login details.

Welcome to the Cambridge Creative Network where we invite creative professionals to promote their work through our gallery, find events and opportunities and network with other like-minded people in Cambridge. Want to join us? Apply here...

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