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I'm a freelance artist, illustrator and cartoonist. At the moment I live in Cambridge a small medieval city on the edge of the world. Originally from London I came here to study illustration at Anglia Ruskin University and found the medieval life suited me so I decided to stay. If I ever end up living in the middle ages I would like to be the monk that draws funny characters around illuminated manuscripts. But I don't so I just draw the funny little characters. It keeps me busy and gives me a quiet life. I like to draw a funny little world of strange and unusual things. A individual mixture of surrealist pop imagery based on the world I think I see. It all comes from the fun side of our darker lives, the fairy tales that Grandma used to tell us and our thoughts that wake us up in the middle of the night. I then mix things up with a little bit of day time television, over heard conversations and the arguments I have with myself. I then make that stuff into illustrations, comics and posters and things. It seems to work.


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