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Katharina Klug's work boasts a powerful simplicity of design and form. She is drawn to creating vessels of all kinds, and is inspired by the elemental colour and shape of ancient Korean pottery. Being committed to the craft in its traditional form and finding pleasing shapes is her motivation.

She studied ceramics in Austria and Germany for six years, and has since worked and exhibited in both countries. In 2010 she moved permanently to Cambridge where she has her own studio. She now works an an independant ceramic artist.

Katharina makes each piece as a one-off, but her work is often united by form or design in series of three. When creating the pot, she strives to achieve balance and stability. When decorating, she uses natural forms and rudimentary patterns which are pressed, scraped, or stuck to the pot's surface.


Her work is rapidly gaining recognition for being functional, contemporary, beautiful and out of the ordinary.
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