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Liz King

Who Are You?: 
Individual / freelancer
Creative Field: 
Fine Art: Photography and mixed media
Biography / Company Profile: 

A practising artist for over 30 years, Liz King is an artist who works with the photographic image and a variety of mixed media. Using a mix of both old and new technologies, Liz is still concerned with the tactile process of making objects combined with photography and drawing. Her photographs taken on location abandon what many may consider as traditional landscape, offering instead traces of a timeless presence. Liz finds her initial visual stimulus in natural form; both in landscape and in her own immediate surrounding environment. In her mixed-media artworks, the process of making or building an image often starts with the making of small objects, layers of different marks, photography or sometimes words. The final piece is never pre-planned. The final body of work evolves from the process of making, often resulting through various digital applications. Liz frequently makes her artworks in series. Her images depict a pure response to many basic visual elements in either one form or one space; in their colour, texture and shape, the reflective quality or in the way it moves. Liz visually explores the fragmenting of ‘moments’, layering and manipulating marks and materials in order to alter contexts or isolate elements from their natural state or environment.


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