Sophie Caroline Hill

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Individual / freelancer
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art - painting, drawing, printmaking
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I am an artist living and working in Cambridgeshire. I studied Fine Art at The Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford University. I concentrate mostly on painting and drawing, but use other media to explore and develop ideas. I enjoy exploring new techniques and adapting them to apply them to my work.

I am currently working with traditional themes: still life, landscape, (domestic) genre, and figure painting. Within this I have been trying to connect domestic experience and artistic experience. I am interested in developing a feminine identity within my art and connecting this with historical notions of the feminine. This has led me to introduce textiles and pattern work into my imagery. As with most artists, these themes are always developing and gaining strength from further research and experimentation.

I frequently mix different techniques and media. I enjoy solving the technical problems this can create and setting up visual challenges within the image which need resolving. I like to leave evidence of these processes visible; in this way, the paintings and drawings are visual records of a process and an experience. They are meant to prompt memories and feelings in the viewer, by drawing on my own memories and feelings while they are made.

The conscious and unconscious decisions we make when we create our environments and lives (at home and work) are mirrored in the way I, as an artist, edit the world around me into a visual experience. I do not want to simply imitate the way something looks, but combine aspects of an experience or place. The fragmentation of the image, the overlaying of textures and patterns and the different techniques are part of this: a combination of deliberate choice, instinct and accident. My work is not an attempt at an objective view of the world, but subjective pieces that are intended to resonate emotionally with the viewer.

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