Who Are You?: 
Individual / freelancer
Creative Field: 
Clothing design and photography
Biography / Company Profile: 

Hello there!
I'm Tiina and I live in a world where spoons are vitally important and my main fuel is tea. I need to create, explore and learn to feed my soul.


I've been making clothes since I was very small and earned a first class honours degree in fashion studies at the London College of Fashion. I'm now working as a fashion lecturer at a specialist art college in Cambridge.
I make everything from scratch; from idea, to pattern, through sewing, to completion! I love the tactile quality of fabric and all the weird and wonderful things that can be done with it. I see clothing as wearable sculpture.


I take photos from the heart. I especially love the feel of film; there's something magical about the whole process of capturing light into a solid form. I use a range of vintage and odd cameras to help me. Each has a quirky personality which merges with mine and comes through in my images.


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