The Cambridge Creative Network exists to bring together many of the creative individuals and groups that work within the Cambridge area to promote and encourage creative practices, events and exhibitions through networking and collaboration.
CCN was founded in 2010 by Karen Jinks, a graphic designer and artist who felt there was a need for a more informal setting for artists and creatives to meet and collaborate with the added benefit of social media exposure and exhibition opportunities that would be otherwise difficult to achieve in isolation. 
Joined soon after by printmaker Mandy Knapp, Karen and Mandy went on to hold numerous exhibitions in conjunction with local gallery owners, arts organisations and businesses, most notably co-creating the Creative Reactions event for Pint of Science in 2015.
In 2018, Mandy left Cambridge Creative Network to pursue other projects, while Karen continues to look for collaborative and interesting ways to help the many talented creatives that live in and around Cambridgeshire in an increasingly tough economic environment.
You can find out more about Karen's work at
MEMBERSHIP - £15 a year*
Membership is open to all creatives of any discipline, from student to professional level, all we ask is that you have a website or page that we can link to that displays your work, in order to qualify for a listing on this website. If you are interested in showcasing your work please contact Karen via the form on the contact page or any of our social media channels. 
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